Course Choice


What is course choice?

One core goal of PrepareRI is that every student in Rhode Island will graduate with college credit or an industry credential. Course choice allows you to take a broad variety of free courses to earn those credits or credentials. With the exception of the Advanced Course Network, most of these course options are for high school students.

Students can take courses:

  • At their school through Advanced Placement or concurrent enrollment courses

  • At a public college through the PrepareRI Dual Enrollment Fund

  • At a private college, another high school, or non-profit provider through the Advanced Course Network.

course choice outside of your school

At a public college

The PrepareRI Dual Enrollment Fund allows all public high school students in the state to take courses at one of Rhode Island's public colleges for free.

To learn more, click on the college where you would like to take classes:


through the advanced course network

The Advanced Course Network (ACN) enables students and their families to choose to enroll in an expanded number of free courses while they remain enrolled at their public school. Through the ACN, you can take courses at other high schools, community-based organizations, private higher education institutions, and Department of Labor and Training partners. 

To learn more, visit or read the Student Guidebook.

Registration timeline: Spring course registration opens in late October and closes in December. Summer and Fall course registration opens in late March and closes in the beginning of June.   


course choice at your school

Concurrent Enrollment

Many high schools will offer college classes that are taught by high school instructors. This means that you can take a college class and earn college credit without leaving your high school. The concurrent enrollment course catalog lists the courses that MAY be available at your school. Be sure to ask your counselor or school administrator what concurrent enrollment classes are offered at your school.


Advanced Placement

Advanced Placement courses are developed by the College Board and offer  college-level course material taught by teachers at your high school. You can earn college credit if you earn a qualifying score on the end-of-course exam. Check your school's course catalog to see which AP courses are available.