PrepareRI for Schools

PrepareRI aims to close the gap between what students learn in school and what they need for high-demand jobs. The initiative was built on the belief that all young people—regardless of their previous background or intended career—will need quality work experience and valued credentials beyond high school to be successful.

What does this mean for me?

Read below for more information, based on your role. You might also be interested in the resources from the PrepareRI Summit.


District Leaders

PrepareRI will impact most of your schools, but will affect high schools more than elementary and middle schools. PrepareRI will infuse career exploration and preparation throughout the entire K-12 system. As such, PrepareRI will impact all of your schools in some capacity, although high schools will be most affected initially.

  • All students will have a personalized Individual Learning Plan (ILP) to guide their coursework throughout their K-12 experience.
  • High school students should graduate with a pathway endorsementpost-secondary credit (such as through dual enrollment or the Advanced Course Network), and a work-based learning experience.
  • Districts that wish to scale out work-based learning experiences off-site should read the FAQs about student internships document from The RI Interlocal Risk Management Trust, which answers frequently asked questions regarding school and student liability concerns for internships and other school-sponsored programs.  Schools and districts should still consult their own insurance providers when developing work-based learning activities to ensure adequate coverage for all parties. You can also read more about youth labor laws.
  • The funding formula for career and technical education (CTE) will be updated, based on recommendations from a working group of district leaders.
  • Elementary and middle school students will have access career exploration programming. 
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Principals, counselors, and other school leaders

PrepareRI will involve a greater focus on providing career pathways to students. Focusing on these priorities may require shifts in professional development and budgets. The main changes to look out for are: 

  • All students will have a personalized Individual Learning Plan (ILP) to guide them to a diploma with a pathway endorsement.
  • High school students will graduate with a post-secondary credit and work-based learning experience.
  • Elementary and middle school students will receive career exploration programming. 
  • Career and technical education (CTE) will be changing, based on updated standards that push all students to earn an industry-recognized credential in a high-demand sector.
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PrepareRI will impact teachers differently, depending on the grade level and subject you teach. The following are a few examples of how PrepareRI may impact teachers, but your principal will provide specific details about how PrepareRI will affect your school.

  • All teachers should consider how they can incorporate career and 21st Century Skills into their classrooms.
  • All elementary and middle school students will receive career exploration programming, and teachers will likely support this work.
  • All high school students will complete a work-based learning experience, and teachers will likely help students with the application process.
  • PrepareRI means closer connections between schools and outside groups, such as businesses or non-profits. This will make it easier to bring outside groups into your classroom or curriculum.

For career and technical education (CTE) teachers, PrepareRI will involve significant changes. CTE programs should be aligned to the updated standards recently passed by the CTE Board. These standards push all students to earn an industry-recognized credential in a high-demand sector.