PrepareRI Grants

PrepareRI offers grants to help launch new programs that increase students' access to
high-quality career pathways. You can learn more about our specific grant programs below.
This page will be updated as new grant opportunities become available.

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Grants for Schools, Districts, and LEAs

CTE Innovation & Equity Grants

In January 2018, RIDE announced it will allocate $1 million to Career and Technical Education (CTE) Innovation & Equity Grants. This new grant program will ensure historically underserved student populations have expanded access to quality career preparation opportunities in priority industries. RIDE will award grants on a competitive basis to local educational agencies with CTE programs that:

  1. Expand access to CTE for student populations that are currently underserved (either by launching a new program or expanding and enhancing services in an existing program);
  2. Align to a priority sector industry (as defined by the Governor’s Workforce Board); and
  3. Meet the industry-specific content standards adopted by the Career and Technical Education Board of Trustees.

Key facts:

  • Purpose: Provide underserved student populations expanded access to high-quality career preparation opportunities in priority industries
  • Grant size: up to $150,000 over two years, allocated with $100,000 for implementation and $50,000 for planning or follow-through
  • Eligibility: local education agencies (LEAs)
  • Deadline: March 30, 2018
  • Contact:, and



Grants for Businesses

The grants for Real Skills for Youth and a Statewide Career Readiness intermediary are now closed.