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The PrepareRI Internship Program provides paid summer internships for rising public high school seniors in Rhode Island.  An intermediary organization (to be selected in early March 2018) will match students with internship placements based on fit, preparedness, and skill. 


How can my school participate?

Students from any public high school in Rhode Island can participate in the PrepareRI Internship Program. Any rising high school senior (that is, any student who will be enrolled in 12th grade in fall 2018) in a public school may apply. There are no academic or attendance limitations for eligibility. Students will be selected based on their qualifications.

The PrepareRI Internships application will be posted in early March 2018. RIDE will announce the application launch through the Field Memo and the PrepareRI Newsletter. More information on the application process will be available March. In the meantime, RIDE encourages schools to identify a point person at the school who will coordinate the school's interactions with the internship program and guide students through the application process.

If your school would like to stay in more frequent contact with RIDE about the PrepareRI Internship Program, sign up to be a PrepareRI Internship Support School. These schools will receive all resources RIDE creates for the internship program.


Frequently asked questions

Is there a cost to the PrepareRI Internship Program?

No. PrepareRI Internships are free for schools and students. PrepareRI and the Governor's Workforce Board cover the cost.


Which students are eligible?

Eligible students must:

  • be a rising 12th grade student enrolled in a RI public school (i.e., the student will enroll in 12th grade in fall 2018)
  • be 16 years of age or older
  • live in Rhode Island
  • be eligible to work in the US (by June 1, 2018) and have proper documentation,
  • complete the online application


Does this replace existing summer youth employment, such as the opportunities available through the local youth centers?

No. The PrepareRI Internship Program was created to provide students with more internship opportunities; it does not replace any existing opportunities. Students interested in a PrepareRI Internship are also encouraged to apply to other programs, including summer youth employment run by local youth centers or other community-based organizations.


Is there a required pre-internship curriculum?

No. A statewide intermediary organization will provide an orientation and training to all selected students before starting the internship. Schools are encouraged to provide a work-readiness curriculum to their students during the school year, but such a curriculum is not required and will not affect students' eligibility for the internship program.


What employers will be hosting student interns this summer?

Employer recruitment is in progress.  While we’re not able to share specific employer names at this time before our intermediary is on board, employers will be located across the state and in the industries listed below.  The intermediary will be tasked with matching interns with employers based on student interests and skills.  Not every student will be able to be matched with their top industry of interest, but the intermediary will take those preferences into account during the matching process.

  • Education
  • Finance and Banking
  • Food and Hospitality
  • Healthcare/Biotech
  • Human and Social Services
  • Insurance
  • Manufacturing/Construction
  • Marketing
  • Nonprofit
  • Retail and Customer Service
  • Technology


What types of jobs will student interns be doing?

Creating and finalizing job descriptions with employers is also in progress, and the intermediary will match student applicants to internship opportunities based on their interests and skills.  We anticipate a variety of job descriptions; some job descriptions may combine multiple categories of day-to-day tasks and larger projects, and some may require specific technical skills.  Among others, we do expect that job descriptions may include tasks in the following categories:

  • Communications and Social Media
  • Customer Service
  • Data Entry and Analysis
  • Event Planning and Support
  • Health Services/Patient support
  • Human Resources/Administration
  • IT Help Desk
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Operations Support
  • Software programming/Coding


When will the student application be available and what will it look like?

The student application is under development and will open in early March as an online application.  Students can expect to answer questions around the following topics:

  • Contact information for themselves and a parent/guardian
  • Ability to provide documentation for work eligibility
  • Career interests and relevant skills, including language skills
  • Past employment experience, if applicable
  • Transportation plan
  • Essay questions regarding interest in the program and motivation for applying

Students will also need to identify two references to complete an online form: one professional reference (ex. employer supervisor or teacher) and one character reference (ex. mentor, coach, community leader).


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