Rhode Island FAFSA Initiative

The cost of college and career training can be a barrier for many students, so completing the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) is essential for students of all ages to qualify for federal, state, and institutional funds.

Rhode Island

In the 2018-19 FAFSA cycle, Rhode Island ranked eighth in the country for the number of high school seniors completing the FAFSA, at 65 percent. This year the Office of the Postsecondary Commissioner (OPC) is working with key stakeholders from across the state to increase this number and meet a minimum 70% completion goal for every school, with a statewide goal of 85%.

three components to the statewide initiative:

FAFSA Dash Competition

To encourage all high school seniors to pursue postsecondary studies and highlight the availability of free federal student aid, the Board of the RI Student Loan Authority has established the FAFSA Dash competition, which will award $25,000 in scholarship prizes to Rhode Island high schools.

FAFSA Completion Dashboard

This Dashboard shows how many students are completing the FAFSA in each Rhode Island high school and this information is accessible to every guidance counselor, principal, and community member across the state so we can track our progress. See how your school is doing here!

FAFSA Portal

This portal will allow qualified administrators and staff at Rhode Island high schools to access student-level completion data online. This will allow schools to provide additional support and outreach to students in time to meet priority deadlines.

In order to access the portal, please make sure that your school team has submitted this Data-sharing agreement to FAFSA@riopc.edu as soon as possible (instructions here).

Additional resources

Making college affordable is a critical part of getting more students to and through postsecondary education. We know that higher education is a gateway to better jobs, and the FAFSA is a gateway to opportunity for every student.
— Governor Gina M. Raimondo