The PrepareRI College Readiness Project

What is the project?

The PrepareRI College Readiness Project represents a strategic partnership between K-12 education and Rhode Island’s colleges and universities to ensure that every student graduates from high school ready to enroll in credit-bearing coursework on a path to on-time college completion.

What will the project entail?

The work of the Readiness project falls into three primary categories: Readiness, Matriculation, and Communication. Within those categories, there are six primary workstreams, and each has a May deliverable:

  1. Academic readiness: identify and scale successful models preparing high school students with college preparatory math, reading, and writing skills.

    • May deliverables: High schools have information about their remediation rates; RFP released for scaling successful models of high schools reducing remediation rates.

  2. Alignment of Requirements: align high school graduation requirements and postsecondary admission requirements.

    • May deliverable: Present proposal for aligning requirements at Board of Education meeting in May.

  3. CTE college credit: align statewide career and technical education (CTE) standards in STEM fields with postsecondary requirements and provide college credit.

    • May deliverable: Postsecondary institution(s) approve articulation agreements to award college credit for at least one credential in each of the 8 prioritized CTE Board Standards in STEM fields.

  4. FAFSA completion: increase statewide FAFSA completion rate to 85%, with every high school above 70% completion.

  5. Communication: create and share guide to help families and students navigate the transition from high school to postsecondary.

    • May deliverable: RIDE publishes family guide for secondary to postsecondary transition.

  6. Major-aligned college credit: support students in choosing dual/concurrent credits that align to the requirements of their desired college major.

    • May deliverable: Departmental working groups formed at postsecondary institutions.

If you have questions, comments, or would like to learn more about the PrepareRI College Readiness Project, please contact Liz Texeira at